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03 September 2010 @ 09:10 pm
Beauty & The Geek [jongkey, onkey, 2min] [1/?]  
Title: Beauty & The Geek
Pairing: Jongkey, Onkey, 2min
Genre: AU, Humor, Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG - 15 (Will go up in future chapters) [Language, Sexual Situations]
Word Count:  3,497
Disclaimer(s): I own nothing.
Summary: Office romances never come without drama. 
A/N: Beta'd by the lovely & amazing [info]siaht 
 ! Warning for slut!Key.


Alarm clock blaring his wake up call, Jinki shoots up in his bed soaked in sweat. His chest is heaving as he tries to force the proper amount of air into his lungs to support his rapidly beating heart. Reaching over, he drops his hand groggily on the device to stop its incessant beeping and then fumbles for his glasses placed nearby. When he's able to see the hand in front of his face again, Jinki throws his legs over the edge of his bed.

Was last night even real? Maybe he's over worked, hallucinating unimaginable situations. Jinki can't think of any better explanation, because there's no plausible reason for Kim Kibum to have sucked him dry. He forces himself to his feet and manages to keep his footing all the way into his bathroom. The cold tile flooring shocks him awake further.

Once he finishes relieving himself, Jinki stands in front of his mirror. He takes off his glasses and rubs small, studious circles into them with the soft cotton fabric of his under shirt before setting them back in place. He groans loudly. The deep purple and blue mark glaring back at him from his collar bone in the reflection is the only proof of the night's activities. So he hadn't imagined it.

Jinki immediately splashes his hot face with a hand full of water. How is he supposed to act when he sees Kibum at work? Certainly he's not allowed to mention the occurrence. Then, is he supposed to pretend everything is normal? Of course, right, there's no other option. Jinki's just a one night fling to Kibum, who was just... relieving stress. Yeah, that sounds good.

Still, Jinki can't help but find his fingers hovering over the white and purple case on his bathroom counter top. Kibum had said he was sexy, he also had barely recognized him. It had to be because of Jinki's missing lenses. In fact, his whole appearance had been a complete one-eighty from his every day crisp attire. He obviously can't show up to work without a tie and his shirt unbuttoned, so maybe… maybe, no glasses?

Swear words echo clumsily against the walls of his small, but efficient, apartment. Jinki doesn't usually brave the torture of putting in his contact lenses, but damn he's determined to wear them. Going without them is out of the question. Jinki blinks up at his reflection once he finally has the contacts in place, left eye still twitching slightly but over all looking himself. Minus his nerdy glasses, of course.

He moves automatically for his comb and hair gel. Gel, yes, but the comb … Glancing up, Jinki studies the way his hair sticks out messily. Jonghyun always wears his hair in a similar style, right? He runs a little bit of the gel through his locks until they sit stiffly in a more orderly mess. He has to admit he doesn't look half bad, definitely a step farther out the door of geekdom.

He decides to dress a little flashy today, his blue and white pin striped button up with a narrow red tie and fitted steel gray slacks. The pants have thin black suspenders attached, but today when he slings them over his shoulders they serve as stylish accessories rather than as reminders of his grandfather's wardrobe. Jinki slips into a pair of fresh black shoes before straightening his shirt collar in the mirror hanging from his closet, careful to hide the large hickey from sight.

“Not bad, Jinki, not bad,” He mutters in satisfaction while taking in his appearance.

Who knew it would take his boss blowing him to give him a shot of self esteem?

Jinki strides into work, leather work case placed on his shoulder neatly. He catches the front receptionists staring and one even winks at him in approval. Jinki's chest inflates with pride and the scent of his cologne.

Too bad the feeling doesn't last. All of Jinki's self confidence washes away as soon as he steps into the elevator and presses the round number '14.' What in the hell is he thinking? He's not hot shit just because of last night. In fact, far from it. Kibum only did what he did because Jinki was the closest person and he was feeling hurt. Jinki had taken advantage of that.

Jinki's hands are clammy and he has to keep constantly wiping them off on the sides of his pants as he cowers into the department. He's a joke, trying to look sexy and suave, what's he thinking? Can he be any more of an idiot?

From behind his desk, Taemin lets out a low whistle. “Damn, Jinki, where's your hot date?” He calls, drawing the attention of half the other employees who have staggered into work, still dead to the world.

“Um… What?” Jinki mumbles, eyes glued to the floor. “Do I … Look that different?”

“Oh babe, do you ever,” Taemin says. Jinki freezes when he sees the young man's tongue drag a quick line against his top lip. “Mm, I could just eat you up right now.”

Making a timely entrance, Minho sets a cup of Starbuck's white mocha (no-fat, hold the whip) on Taemin's desk. “Stop molesting Jinki,” he says with an all business attitude.

“Thank you, finally someone - “

“Wait, are you really Jinki?” Minho adds as if Jinki wasn't just in the middle of speaking while giving him a once over. “No way.”

Jinki throws his hands up into the air in exasperation. “Guys, I don't look that different.”

“Too bad Kibum isn't coming in until later today,” Taemin directs his words towards Minho, who's leaning casually against his desk, “His reaction will be priceless.” Minho nods in agreement while taking a sip of Taemin's coffee.

“Kibum isn't coming in this morning?” Jinki lets the question slip out without fully realizing it. Immediately his face brightens in embarrassment.

Taemin flicks his misleadingly innocent gaze to the man scuffing his feet awkwardly against the floor. “He'll be in late due to prior engagements,” he informs and then raises a softly arched eyebrow, “Why? You didn't get all spiffed up for him, did you, Stud Muffin?”

Spluttering, Jinki shakes his head vehemently. Somewhere between “Of course not!” and “Why would I? I mean!” he escapes to the safety of his desk. Jinki buries his head into his hands when he's safely hidden behind a stack of white papers. Right, Jinki didn't do this for Kibum. No, never. Which is exactly why the mix of relief and disappointment flooding through him isn't because of Kibum either.

“Wait, so let me get this straight. The bastard has the nerve to knock down the door to your office and bitch about how you haven't been returning his calls and texts. Then you walk in on him fucking his secretary. And you're suppose to be the one having the affair?”

Kibum sips idly at his iced green tea. Across from his the best friend he can ask for is fuming while stabbing at her bowl of fruit. He wants to warn her that if she isn't careful she'll drop the innocent piece of melon onto her adorable outfit, but Sulli won't stand to be interrupted. He waits for her to finish ranting before speaking up.

“That's not even the worst of it,” he groans.

Sulli flips a loose strand of black hair over her shoulder haughtily. “How can there be more?” She demands, puckering her lips in frustration.

Kibum sighs and picks a stray piece of hair off his pants. “I kind of blew one of my workers. I had just caught Jonghyun with his dick out, pretty little secretary bent over and then I found him, and he looked decent enough with all the tears in my eyes. I couldn't help myself. You know, to spite Jonghyun?”

“Oh my,” Sulli blinks, flabbergasted, “Kibum! I thought we decided your own employees had to be off limits?”

Tearing an intricate pattern into a napkin, Kibum kept his attention diverted. “I couldn't even tell he was one of my employees,” he remarks, frowning when he makes too deep of a line and ruins his work of art.

“How could you not tell he was one your employees? I know your enormous ego blocks your vision sometimes, but you're not ignorant enough to not keep track of who works in your office.”

“He looked different,” Kibum answers with a shrug, tossing the napkin in a ball onto his plate.

Sulli lets out a huff. “Whatever, you're so eccentric sometimes. How are you going to fix it?”

“I'm going to ask him to dinner,” Kibum explains with finality, before checking his Rolex, which is a perfect copper shine to tie in his attire. “I've got to set off.”

Sulli watches with wide eyes as Kibum gathers up his scarf, coat, and bag. Easing on his royal blue pea coat over his suit and tossing the eye catching scarlet red scarf over his shoulder with natural flair, Kibum leans down to kiss his dumbstruck friend on the cheeks.

“Text me later, bitch,” Kibum calls over his shoulder with a playful wink.

Almost falling out of her chair when she jumps back to life, all Sulli can do is watch her best friend strut away, air of importance clearing a path towards the door in the normally packed cafe.

“Pompous bastard, what does he have up his sleeve this time?” She grumbles, sitting back to pout that she isn't in on the whole plan, because with Kibum, there's always a well thought out, often devious, plot.


The office is buzzing with laughter and aimless chatter when Kibum enters soundlessly. He's careful to not let the door swing shut, avoiding drawing unwanted attention. So this is the mess GHD's Development Department falls into when he's absent. They don’t even have the slightest decency to look after the fax machine, which appears to be filled to the brim. Narrowed gaze sweeping the department floor, Kibum is pleasantly caught off guard when he finds one dedicated worker, typing furiously at his keyboard. He recognizes the desk immediately and the corner of his lip curls upward. Oh, Jinki. Kibum's bad fortune must be taking a turn for the better, because he really couldn't have found a better employee to walk in on the night before.

“O-Oh, Kibum!” Taemin tries to gather himself from where he was just shamelessly flirting with Kibum's top computer developer. “How'd you sneak up here, sir?” His voice is laughing, but Kibum can hear the tinge of hidden anxiety.

“I didn't sneak, your little friends downstairs are on lunch,” Kibum informs crisply, unbuttoning his jacket to get more comfortable in the heat of the office, “Minho, I expect better of you.” With a studious nod, the tall man slips back to his own work area.

By this time, all eyes have fallen on the scene. Little gasps echo throughout the room, bouncing off the sand dune colored walls like ping pongs. Kibum straightens the cuffs of his jacket and is quite pleased with himself when all the useless chit chat is replaced by the sounds of fingers pressing rapidly against keys and high stiletto heels clicking over to the fax machine. Music to his ears.

Unwinding his scarf from his neck, Kibum barely pauses in the short walk to his private room as he shoots his next order in an all business tone, “Jinki, when you have the time see me in my office.”

He catches the bewildered look he gets in response before his loyal worker snaps a quick “Yes, sir.” Kibum also catches the delicious scent of Fendi cologne. He smirks, someone is exuding sexual confidence. He'll have to see how that holds up.


It's like Jinki's being pulled in a million different directions. His mind is back in his work space, hiding under the desk in fear, his stomach is sinking deeper and deeper into the flooring with anxiety, and his heart is soaring somewhere high above his head in anticipation. Why did he even listen to Kibum? Oh, right, he's his boss. Jinki's slippery grip on the door handle does little to muffle the bang that resounds throughout the small office as Kibum's door slams shut. Why can't he just grow a backbone for once? If only to save himself this torture.

“Take a seat,” Kibum says and with a flourish hand movement motions towards the designer leather chairs in front of his desk. If the dark cherry wood piece can even be considered just a desk.

Jinki forces himself to walk a straight line to the right-most chair.

“Do you know why I called you in?”

This is just like the time in middle school when he was called into the principal's office for stuffing tofu down Junsu's pants for picking on Yoona. Jinki shifts awkwardly in his seat, just like he did all those years ago. Kibum is boring down on him with an unreadable emotion in those predatory eyes. He would give anything to have back that old bald principal glaring at him right now.

What's the default answer to everything? Oh, right! “C?” Jinki squeaks out and immediately wants to toss himself out the window.

Kibum's hard exterior breaks as his face screws up in amused confusion. “Excuse me?”

Damn it, C only applied to multiple choice questions. “I meant… ” Jinki is practically squirming and he hopes to all good forces that Kibum will finish his sentence.

“I'll just cut right to it.” The brunette hits him with a suave, yet slightly devilish smirk. “I wanted to ask if you would be interested in going out to dinner with me?”

Jinki has to remember to breath.


“What did you two talk about?” Taemin asks nonchalantly, but his eyes speak novels more. Jinki recognizes that gleam; the gleam of someone digging for dirt.

He shrugs, clears his throat, then shrugs again. He doesn't trust his voice yet, at least not enough to form words without shooting octaves higher than natural for any man his age. Jinki returns to his swivel chair and pretends to be working, but really he's trying to lasso his heart back into his body.

“Jinki - “

“Taemin, leave him alone,” Minho cuts in, recognizing the face of a man stricken with love.

Taemin pouts, but when Minho leans over to coyly whisper something in his ear, he seems to forget all about the latest office drama. Jinki doesn't notice their absence after they sneak off for half an hour to the least occupied men's restroom on GHD's Development & Architect floor.


Kibum stays late to catch up on all the paperwork he left unfinished the first half of the day. The pile of blaring white would have been intimidating to anyone else, but Kibum knows how to handle all of it efficiently. Still, by the time he's locked his office door behind him, the main office is empty. If it weren't for the warm interior decor, he might feel disease at the eery silence.

Kibum gives the expanse of office space a final once over. He notices a lone printer light flashing and rushes to turn it off so he can leave and be done with this place for the day. He doesn't hear the approaching footsteps nor sense the man behind him when he steps into the hallway. Kibum is utterly defenseless and caught off guard when a hand covers his mouth to muffle any sound from him. His arm is torqued behind him before whoever his assailant is presses him against the scratchy paint of the hallway's wall.

“The fuck–” Kibum's words are garbled behind the short fingers quieting him.

“The fuck is right.”

Just as quickly as it happened, Kibum is released. He wheels around on the all too familiar man. His nose comes so close to Jonghyun's they might as well be touching. His senses are overwhelmed with Jonghyun and it's enough to render him speechless. They lock gazes and it's a battle to see who will break first and speak.

Jonghyun never could last in a power of will, he's too indulgent after his silver spoon childhood. “Why haven't you returned my texts?”

Shrugging, Kibum turns his focus to the fake plant he can see over Jonghyun's shoulder. “I didn't realize I was required to answer your obsessive amount of texts when I'm busy with real work, which you don't appear to be doing much of.”

“Listen, bitch -”

Kibum's eyes snap back to Jonghyun's face. His hands come up to shove the older man away. “I'm sorry, but since when have I been you're bitch?”

“Since always,” Jonghyun says cockily, eyebrow curved in amusement as he's pushed only a few steps back.

“I don't know who or what put that thought in your head, but I'm no one's bitch,” Kibum seethes, fists balled and fingernails digging into his palms in an attempt to control his rage.

Jonghyun barks out a laugh. “Oh really? Last time I checked, getting fucked by half the company whenever they want qualifies you as a bitch.”

The muscles in his jaw tighten. “I don't 'get fucked' by them, I let them. Look at where it’s gotten me. Who's really the bitch in the end?” Kibum's confidence returns and he flicks his bangs out of his eyes coolly. “I've got them all wrapped around my little finger.”

“I guess that just makes you a slut, then,” Jonghyun sneers, aiming for his words to cut deep.

Kibum won't give him the satisfaction of knowing just how deep they cut. “What about you?” He questions bitterly, “You're no better. You think I don't know about you and that secretary? Or how about that intern?”

“How -”

“Yeah, I might be a slut. I might let half the company fuck me, but at least I'm going somewhere. So what does that make you, Jonghyun?”

The overhead light starts to flicker. The two men don't take notice. Jonghyun, like always, relents and lets his arms fall limp to his side.

“Look, this isn't what I came here to do,” he says, voice apologetic, “I missed you.” Jonghyun closes the distance between them, soft lips grazing Kibum's earlobe as he speaks. “Those other guys are meaningless, you're the only one who really knows me, knows just how to make me happy.”

“I found someone new.”

Jonghyun reels back. There's a flash of hurt in his large eyes as they flick back and forth across Kibum's face, searching for a hint of a bluff. When Kibum's face remains void of emotion, a cold smile settles over his features.

“Is that so?” He asks, backing away from Kibum, “And how is that going to work for you the next board meeting? You can be replaced.”

“You don't have enough weight in this company,” Kibum retorts, crossing his arms, “Besides, just because I won't be your booty call doesn't mean I won't keep my connections with the rest.”

“Oh, they're 'connections' now?” Jonghyun mocks, hostility rolling off of him in waves “Whatever, I don't give a shit. I can get any piece of ass I want around here. Any piece of unused ass.”

No other words are exchanged. They don't have to. Kibum can't even bring himself to be smug over the damage he did to Jonghyun, because it's obvious he hurt the man. He's too preoccupied with trying to keep his calm facade intact. His breathing is shallow and as soon as Jonghyun is out of sight he allows his body to shake with pent up emotions.

Hold it together, Kibum, he tells himself. It's only a fifteen minute trip to his flat. It's a gorgeous apartment, of course paid in full by the company. It was a special gift from the chairman. Kibum enters, shutting the door firmly behind him and locking it. Everywhere he looks, he can see them. The couch, the kitchen counter top, the dining room floor.

Safe in the confines of the apartment, he lets his mask fall. It might not be home, but at least for the moment it's the only place that feels secure. The back of his head connects with the door as he slides down, knees drawn to his chest with his arms wrapped around them, face buried. Kibum takes comfort in the thought no one can see his cascading tears, hear his lonely, quaking sobs. He takes comfort that no one can see the mess that Kim Kibum has become. But that's all the comfort he has.

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So the ending is incredibly angsty, but I really like it. What do you guys think?
I highly suggest listening to the songs linked at the top, they add more to the fic.
Also, I think this fic is going to be somewhere in the ten to twleve chapters long ball park, but I'll have to see if I can fit everything in by then.
Thank you for reading!

[Picture is not mine.]

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Sujungladymiria on September 4th, 2010 03:18 am (UTC)
(and your layout....uunfff)
queen dubu: Onew=<3queen_anything on September 4th, 2010 03:24 am (UTC)
Re: ME
Me - 8D <3

& unf is right!

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Debbieillgirl on September 4th, 2010 05:19 am (UTC)
new reader here!
loved the chapter.
onew is definitely a ohttie in my book.
&&2min action is just love.

but poor jonghyun and kibum...i think my heart cringed while reading their exchange.

Kibum takes comfort in the thought no one can see his cascading tears, hear his lonely, quaking sobs. He takes comfort that no one can see the mess that Kim Kibum has become. But that's all the comfort he has.

&...this is where i teared and my heart dropped.

great story, hope you update soon.
thanks for sharing!
queen dubuqueen_anything on September 4th, 2010 05:03 pm (UTC)
Welcome, new reader! ^o^ Thanks for stopping to check this out!

Thank you so much for such a kind comment & I promise I'll have the next chapter up ASAP. :3
mcg_2nwmcg_2nw on September 4th, 2010 05:47 am (UTC)
YEAH!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!! KIBUM DOESN'T WANT OR NEED JONGHYUN!!!! (Especially since he has the fine piece of...Onew)

Onew is adorable as he dresses up to impress Kibum (lucky...) &at work where he tries to play it cool but it doesn't quite work out for him...XD

Taemin is hilarious as the office gossip master (can't quite think of the right description)
& Taemin/Minho office romance is cute...and then incredibly sexual

It's kind of funny picturing Jonghyun as being "threatening"

<3 As always :D
queen dubuqueen_anything on September 4th, 2010 05:05 pm (UTC)
Hehe, or does he want/need him? >.>

Thank you dear ~ This comment made me very happy! ^___^ <3
(no subject) - mcg_2nw on September 4th, 2010 07:44 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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Poor Jinki, we'll just have to see what happens to the sweet heart, won't we? ;)

Is it really?! xD That's crazy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review ~ <3
manidesuyomanidesuyo on September 4th, 2010 06:02 am (UTC)

i guess this counts as broken!jongkey and onkey? ;_____;
btw hello i'm a new reader herand is wondering which pair is the main

please update more okay? 8D
queen dubuqueen_anything on September 4th, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
Hmm, did I put broken!jongkey in the pairing list? ;D

& welcome new reader, thanks for taking the time to check out this fic! :3

I definitely will! Tysm bb ~ <3
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silentdreamer95silentdreamer95 on September 4th, 2010 07:23 am (UTC)
Chris bb!
gahh that was amazing. hdfjkghisd.

I love your jinki and how he tries to impress Kibum but denies it and his fail XD

Damn it, C only applied to multiple choice questions.
LOL. only something onew would do <3

He takes comfort that no one can see the mess that Kim Kibum has become. But that's all the comfort he has.
so heartbreakingly beautiful. crying for kibum T__T

keep up the good work bb <3
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Ooooh ~ I've been entranced by your icon! \*o*/

Tysm for the kind review, bb! ^____^ <3
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queen dubuqueen_anything on September 4th, 2010 05:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you hon! <3
I'm sorry for breaking your heart! ;o;
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i kind of like this onkey, too bad this fic is actually jongkey lol
but i still might be following your fic, it's kinda intriguing
queen dubuqueen_anything on September 4th, 2010 05:11 pm (UTC)
It can still go either way - Love is confusing like that. ;)
Thank you for taking the time to comment & I would be touched if you did keep reading. <3
heenoonaheenoona on September 4th, 2010 09:33 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing this. I like it so much... XDD
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Thanks for commenting bb ~ <3
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Aw ~ Take your time! <3
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after this fic introduced me to the very beautiful, playful and sly, kim kibum. (you didn't say it in the fic but that's my pov of him in the 1st chap.) now my heart aches for this very heartbroken and lonely, kim kibum. i love him more. your writing skill totally amazed me, bb. this is so good. as i said in the prologue that i tried not to plan following unfinished chaptered fics right now. i'm going to follow this, follow yours. the best part is that i cannot imagine what will happen next. i wanna cheer for jinki to go for key (he's so adorable trying to impress his boss with his sexy look. i can imagine onew with that look. yummmm!) but to know how hurt kimbum was after witnessing Jjong and that secretary. key might be loved him so much, and so does jonghyun. ;____;

omg. this comment is so random (because, now i'm so desperate) please update soon, bb! i'll be your fan from now on~
queen dubuqueen_anything on September 4th, 2010 05:14 pm (UTC)
I think you've properly summed up Kibum in this fic. :3
& I'm really touched you're going to follow this despite your prior notions! <3
I'm glad you're rooting for both teams, that way you won't be as angry by the time the last chapter rolls around. ^o^;;

Thank you so much bb ~ ^_____^
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but then there's the sad and hurt and desperate jonghyun with kibum putting up a facade to get revenge
queen dubuqueen_anything on September 4th, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
Tysm for the comment bb ~ ! ^_^ <3
I'm afraid there will be more trouble up ahead for you & choosing which side!
I'm Jonghyun's Lucifersango696 on September 4th, 2010 05:29 pm (UTC)
OMG I am enjoying this a little too much I think.

Jinki's new look? He could drive anyone crazy. Taemin is snarky. I like it and apparently so does Minho. I approve! XD

But poor Kibum. He's hurt because of Jonghyun and had a slip. Well, if this is going to be Jongkey... I say Kibum gets some Jinki then get some more Jonghyun. More to ya. XD

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Thank you so much for the comment, it made me giggle. <3 ^___^
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Oh gosh, how could you do this to me? Oh course, I'm listening to Bruno Mars on repeat while reading and thus, dying at Key's breakdown. I feel for him so much. I stan JongKey so hard, but this fic is making me want to throw Jonghyun off a roof and cuddle Key until he's all better. Or better yet, let Dubu snuggle him.

Loving this sfm.
queen dubuqueen_anything on September 5th, 2010 04:04 pm (UTC)
Re: </3
I'm sorry! ;o; <3 (I'm really happy to hear you were listening to Bruno Mars, though! >.<)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, bb. ^___^
tsukikipin: TaeMin zomg lovetsukikipin on September 5th, 2010 06:41 am (UTC)
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