Just A Kiss

queen dubu
28 December
Meet Chris;;
Hey everyone ~ ! <3

I'm Cupcake_Sokiri, or Chris. I'm an avid SHINee fan and just a Kpop lover in general. My jounral is mostly personal entries about my life, which isn't too exciting as I'm just a simple teenaged girl, but I also write fanfiction, which can be found at the link below. I write like crazy and can pump out 2,000 + words an hour, so be warned.

A little about me;
I'm often described as 'sunshine.' I'm friendly & cheerful with a very optimistic attitude. I love helping others and just being around other people. I love new friends, so check out my Friending page (linked below) so we can get to know each other!

Thanks for your time ~ ! <3

My Bias;;
SHINee Member: Lee Jinki.
SHINee Pairing: Jongkey.
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